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Mineral 650¨ without Copper & Iron

Mineral 650¨ without Copper & Iron

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Minerals help your body function effectively and perform essential tasks. They work to support cardiovascular health bone strength and more. Mineral 650 without Copper and Iron by Pure Encapsulations provides highly absorbable forms of important minerals including micro-minerals and trace minerals. Every capsule contains calcium magnesium zinc selenium potassium iodine boron and more. This multimineral supplement is also manufactured with fat-soluble vitamin C to further promote absorption.

Iron and copper are also important nutrients but may be bad for you in large quantities. The standard Western diet tends to contain a lot of red meat which is high in iron. Copper toxicity may also result if too much of it is stored in your tissues which can happen if oxidation or metabolism is slow. Women tend to have higher levels of copper than men; on the other hand men often have more iron since the latter leaves the body through menstrual blood.

If not taken in the proper ratios essential minerals may end up competing with each other in the digestive tract. As a result some may not be fully absorbed putting you at risk of potentially harmful nutritional deficiencies. That's why Mineral 650 without Copper and Iron has been formulated to maximize their effectiveness. Its ingredients have also been chelated meaning that the minerals have been bound to other molecules; this occurs naturally when eating foods that contain these minerals but may not happen when taking a complete mineral supplement.


  • Calcium (As calcium citrate) 150mg
  • Iodine (As potassium iodide) 50mcg
  • Magnesium (As magnesium citrate) 125mg
  • Zinc (As zinc picolinate) 12.5mg
  • Selenium (As selenomethionine) 100mcg
  • Manganese (As manganese aspartate) 2.5mg
  • Chromium (As chromium polynicotinate) 100mcg
  • Molybdenum (As molybdenum aspartate) 50mcg
  • Potassium (As potassium aspartate) 49mg
  • Boron (As boron glycinate) 1mg
  • Vanadium (As vanadium aspartate) 50mcg
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