About Anthony

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I offer the unique perspective of patient & provider. Passion through pain.

I’m Anthony Beven, a Health Coach & Detox Specialist. I have a double BA, and I’m certified in live blood analysis and nutritional detox. I'm NPI registered - Detox Specialist, Homeopath, Naturopath, Health Educator.

I’ve taken graduate-level courses in gastrointestinal physiology and client evaluation. I offer the unique perspective of both patient and provider — passion through pain.

I flushed my body, reset and rebooted my own body systems after back-to-back HIV and cancer diagnoses.

My specialties include cellular-level health, DNA health, plant-based or vegan eating, specialty supplements, internal and external body flushing techniques.

My specific knowledge has helped thousands of adult, adolescent and elderly clients either resolve or gain control of health issues related to digestive discomfort, natural weight loss, parasitic infections, candida/fungal overgrowths, heavy metal toxicity, uric acid build-up, viral infections, adrenal gland concerns, hormonal imbalance, energy and sleep issues, and more.

The Detox Day Spa brand was began in 2017 after I started the business as a brick-and-mortar detox facility offering clients live blood analysis, nutritional detox programs and in-spa external detox sessions. Many have sought out my services and expertise from all around the U.S. - even the U.K. -  for healing the body on the cellular-level by addressing the four symptoms of MTHFR genetic mutations.

These include mitochondrial dysfunction, enzyme & mineral deficiency, chronic inflammation & oxidative stress caused by harmful cell debris, like heavy metals and uric acid, and free radicals, such as parasites and candida/fungal overgrowths. This website is the next evolution of the healing process for a wider audience, allowing chronic illness sufferers with MTHFR genetic mutations to truly become their own health expert. I'm a former marketing executive in the bio-tech space. My story and work has been featured on national TV, radio and websites. 

My approach to detox focuses on how toxins enter the body, mainly through our food, water, personal-care products, gut health or microbiome balance, resetting the accessory organs to restore enzyme functionality and address hormonal imbalance resulting from mineral deficiency.

All Americans are being impacted by the same toxins, and the same breakdown is happening inside all of our bodies. My approach to cellular-level health and nutritional science has been revolutionary for people.