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You Need to Know Exactly What You Are Dealing With Before You Can Resolve Anything

Some may consider detoxing a fad and ineffective. There are programs and products out there that fall into those categories. What I do is nutritional detox focused on issues stemming from the cellular level. I start with mapping out what your core issues are with either of the following (sometimes both):

  • Live blood analysis (metro Detroit only) to identify enzyme functionality, key mineral deficiencies, the state of your gut microbiome, the presence of harmful cell debris, like heavy metals and uric acid, and free radicals, such as parasites and candida/fungal overgrowth.
  • DNA Swab analysis to identify which MTHFR genetic mutations are present. When our detox gene, coded MTHFR, is impacted our bodies cannot create pathways to and through our lymphatic system and detox organs (i.e. liver & kidneys), convert folate to a usable form, create stress signals for inflammation or send WBC response teams to diffuse inflammation, and most important protect our RBCs from oxidative stress (when cell debris & free radicals attacks our RBCs) due to mitochondrial dysfunction.

There’s Three Focused Detoxes, which include: