The DNA Trifecta Life Coaching Program

Receive World Class Coaching to fully heal your body, mind and soul.

Do you feel lost? Is it hard for you to make friends, because no one understands you, or your perspective on life? Do you feel like you have a deeper purpose in life that is not being achieved due judgments tied to social constructs? Are you chronically sick & no doctors can heal you? Do you feel like you have untapped magical potential? Do you wonder where you came from, because either your parents don’t feel like your parents or you don’t feel like you belong in the community in which you live, work and play?

I have all the answers to your questions, because I had the same questions. I found all the answers, and now I’m sharing everything with you here with my DNA Trifecta coaching program. I show that you the true cause of all illness to the physical form. I reveal that you’re a magical spiritual being with amazing powers through Christ Consciousness capable of healing yourself through manifestation. I detail your ancestral DNA and how your bloodline ties to everything else.

Welcome to the DNA Trifecta program page, which addresses any ailment or illness you are experiencing through my Chronic Illness Protocol, which addresses your Physical DNA, Spiritual DNA & Ancestral DNA. Rediscover who you really are to fully heal your body, mind and soul. In doing so, you find your purpose and your people in this life that will help you to continue to elevate in consciousness, frequency and vibration. This will allow you to be what you’ve always wanted to be – your TRUE self.

Physical DNA – EVERYTHING IS ATOMIC, SACRAL ENERGY – father, son, holy spirit. It’s a trinity – a proton, electron and neutron. Our physical DNA is the first key to rediscovering who you are, what are the genes — the 23 pairs of chromosomes — that compose your physical body or human avatar.

Spiritual DNA – LOOK AT YOUR HANDS – WHAT DO YOU SEE ON YOUR PALMS? Your finger tips? This is your spiritual DNA. This DNA is tied to the 12 signs of the astrological birth chart, Jyotisha or Hindu astrology elements, as well as our 7-chakra system and the “God” gene.

Ancestral DNA – WHAT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT YOUR ANCESTRAL, OR BLOODLINE, DNA is that you are intrinsically connected to your family members just as you are to your creator. We were genetically evolved from less intelligent and less sentient beings “psychically” connected to our creator and all its creations on Gaia Earth — this is Christ Consciousness.

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