Nutritional Science


Explained by an Nationally Renowned Nutrition Coach

How are you feeling? Great? Good? Horrible? Most Americans feel horrible. They have multiple health issues causing symptoms, such as bloating, constipation, low-to-no energy, fatigue, brain fog and “unexplained” weight gain (I can explain it, too many undigested proteins will cause visceral fat to collect in the stomach area). I’m sure there’s other symptoms I didn’t cover, but you know how you feel. Now, let me explain how to change your trajectory to lead you back to health, and help you stay there. I’ll cover all the key aspects of nutritional science in a way that makes sense and can be easily applied to your lifestyle if you want change.

High quality supplements are everything. You need whole-food, plant-based, cold-pressed supplements with enzyme-delivery systems to see any results. I’ve seen it happen for me, and thousands of clients. So let’s talk enzymes. Coupled with mineral cofactors, these are the metabolic catalyst on the cellular-level, responsible for the start of every biochemical process inside the body, including digestion. Without enzymes it’s like dead calm inside the body. Nothing’s happening, and you enter an event called oxidative stress where cell debris, like candida, parasites and uric acid, attack our red blood cells. We’re only made up of cells and energy, and we aren’t getting the energy we need from whole-food sources, like fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, etc. Many people believe there are three digestive systems: carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. Omnivore is not a digestive system. It is a diet. While we have the ability to digest meat, we overconsume it causing or contributing to our health issues.


We are herbivores. We have the same digestive systems as this category of mammal. Many people think humans are carnivores, or omnivores. The carnivore digestive system is completely different anatomically than the herbivore one. Carnivores can readily digest meat, just like humans can readily digest fruits and vegetables. Humans are overconsuming meat and related products, dairy, processed sugar, etc., while neglecting more plant consumption. We don’t need to give up meat, but consume it 3-5 days per week and leaner choices, like chicken, fish or turkey. We don’t need meat 2-3 times per day. We can’t digest that much.


We need to consume 3-6 servings of fruit and vegetables daily – raw, juiced or in smoothies. Plants naturally contain enzymes that we need, while our accessory organs (liver, gallbladder and pancreas) are responsible for enzyme storage, functionality and release. Bad dietary choices cause inflammation in these organs, and they can’t do what they should. This leads to several different health issues, including becoming overweight or obese. Inflammation is the precursor to infection, and long-sitting infections cause or contribute to cancer.

Water consumption and quality are also important in the function of our body. We need 8-12, 8 oz. glasses of water daily combined with your detox – maybe more depending on someone’s health challenges. Alkalize it with a lemon squeeze and pinch of pink mineral salt. Most bottled water on the market is acidic. There are a few exceptions, but most of what’s on the shelves is acidic water not to mention filled with plastic particles. Tap water is acidic, too. Avoid drinking this or getting a water filtration system.

Low quality and addictive food choices, toxins in the food, water and personal-care products all lead to mitochondria dysfunction which is responsible for cell protection, among other tasks. Chronic illness has a number of different symptoms, but it’s mostly caused by bad diet and cellular-level infections from candida and parasites. There are so many different medical diagnoses and treatment protocols for these types of cell debris that don’t work. Quality supplements and nutritional science do.

Candida and parasitic infections are common culprits of hormonal issues inside the body. They zap the nutrient and mineral content people do have, causing fatigue. On the cellular-level the candida begins to impact key organs responsible for hormonal balance, like the thyroid and adrenal glands. In addition, without key minerals, such as iodine, iron, magnesium and others, our enzymes won’t work, and our hormones go out of whack. In fact, magnesium is one of the most important cofactors. These minerals have to be supplemented in via certain foods and supplements.

For some chronic illness sufferers, it’s related to diet and cellular-level breakdown. For others, it’s a genetic defect/s with the MTHFR gene. This is our detox gene, responsible for creating methylation (or detox) pathways inside of the body for toxin and waste removal. When this gene doesn’t work properly, we get sick and we stay sick. It’s like an overflowing garbage can. MTHFR sufferers have propensity for cancer. They must supplement in more than the typical dysfunction caused bad diet, and implement strict eating guidelines. It’s estimated 30-40% of the population has one of more defect with this gene. Their bodies don’t know how-to detox, so it has to be done manually!

So how do I know all of this to be fact? I’ve personally looked at the blood of thousands of people under a microscope to gain these insights. Everyone consumes the same toxic food and water, uses the same personal-care products like aluminum-based deodorants and doesn’t know how-to get knowledge about what’s happening, or if they don’t they don’t know how to make impactful and sustainable changes for their bodies.

Some people think it’s too much work, but the decline of your health starting at the cellular-level won’t stop. It builds. You’ll get sicker and lose quality of life. A mentor once told me that for every decade you’ve been sick, it’s one full year of detoxing. One cleanse it’s going to detox your body. You’ll need several cleanses combined with a whole-food, plant-based or vegan eating routine.

So in re-cap, we need enzymes from supplements and food, we need to drink more alkalized water. We need to supplement in digestive support (probiotics with prebiotics, digestive enzymes) and mineral cofactors for enzyme support. Doing this and staying with it will resolve many health issues being experienced. All of this and more is covered in my master detox guide, which you receive free with any purchase along with a shopping guide and two meal plans – a plant-based one with lean meats included and vegan plan.