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Pure Encapsulations

Homocysteine Factors

Homocysteine Factors

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Homocysteine Factors Features: \n
    • Formulated with vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folate, and betaine.

    • Supports homocysteine levels and cardiovascular health.

    • Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients.

    • Gluten free.

    • 180 capsules per bottle.

Each capsule provides vitamin B12â vitamin B6â betaineâ fat-soluble vitamin Câ and folate. A microbiological fermentation process creates the vitamin B12 contained in Homocysteine Factors. The folate in this supplement is in a form called Metafolin¨. Metafolin¨â also known as L-5-MTHFâ is a highly bioavailable form of this vitaminâ which may be helpful if your body can't effectively absorb folic acid from food. It participates in DNA repair and synthesisâ detoxificatonâ and balancing homocysteines. Among their other potential health benefitsâ vitamins B6 and B12 help certain enzymes convert homocysteine into more benign compounds like cysteine or methionine. \n \nBoth men and women can benefit from increased betaine intake. It supports the other ingredients of Homocysteine Factors in effectively metabolizing homocysteines. The betaine in every capsule is naturally derived from sugar beet molasses and then purified. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimenâ this supplement may promote heart health. \n \nTake two capsules dailyâ in divided doses with meals. At the recommended dosageâ each 60-capsule bottle of Homocysteine Factors should last for about one month. Remember to refrigerate this supplement after opening it. \n \nPure Encapsulations seeks to formulate and manufacture high-qualityâ hypoallergenic dietary supplements. Quality control during the formulation and manufacturing process is paramount. All Pure Encapsulations products are made with the most bioavailable ingredients possible.
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